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home in st louis with holiday lights from rottler

As fall approaches, do you start thinking about the holiday season and your holiday decorating? You are not alone! Many folks are now starting to think about the decorations they will use for their holiday home decorating to impress friends and neighbors. To make this year’s holiday decorating a cinch and worry-free, Rottler has holiday decorating services in St. Louis that are just what you need to make sure your holiday decorations will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Have you thought what you need to help make your home stand out amongst the others during this holiday season? At Rottler, we know how to make a home sparkle and our best and most cost effective solution for your holiday decorating needs is the use of LED lighting in your holiday and Christmas lighting. LED stands for “Light-Emitting Diode”, which is a semiconductor light source and has some definite advantages over the use of traditional lighting.

Benefits of LED Holiday Lighting

  • Average Life- Traditional lighting only offers around1,500 hours of light. LEDs last much longer; up to 100,000 hours!

  • Lens Durability- Traditional lighting can fade or flake over time, whereas LEDs will never fade or flake. The epoxy lenses over LED lighting are almost indestructible.

  • Safety- Traditional light bulbs can get very hot and can be a fire hazard. LED light bulbs always stay cool.

  • Maximum Connectable Strands- Traditional lighting has a maximum of 3 strands that can be connected and LED lighting can have up to 125 strands on a single power adapter.

With the use of LED holiday lighting in St. Louis, you will be sure to wow your family, friends and neighbors with your holiday decorations this year. And combined with the premium weather resistant lighting, non-invasive fasteners, electronic digital timers with batter back-up and beautiful garlands, bows and tip-lit wreaths all provided by the professional decorators at Rottler’s, your holiday decorating is going to look better than ever before with very little effort on your part.

When you think about decorating your home for the holidays, do you immediately picture Clark Griswold, dangling from his rooftop, clutching a strand of Christmas lights? It doesn’t have to be that difficult! Contact the pros at Rottler’s Holiday Lighting and More and see what they can do to help your holiday season be bright, merry and full of holiday cheer (without all the hassle!).


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