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Termites In Winter

It is undisputed that termites are the biggest insect threat any homeowner will face. These wood-destroying pests are responsible for--not millions--but billions of dollars in property damage in the United States every single year. But, when the cold temperatures come, and a little snow starts to cover the hardened ground, can you let your guard down? Let's take a look at the biology and habitat of these frustrating home wreckers and see what we can learn.



Termites are cold-blooded creatures. Understanding what it means to be a cold-blooded creature can help you defend your home from these pests.

Cold-blooded creatures don't have the ability to regulate their temperature. Their bodies are the same temperature as the water, air, or soil around them. They don't sweat when it gets too hot and they don't have fur to keep them warm when temperatures drop, but they are also not as adversely affected by drops in temperature, like warm-blooded soil dwellers are.

In winter, both warm-blooded and cold-blooded creatures that live in the ground will go deeper into the soil to avoid the cold. But cold-blooded creatures are able to deal with the cold better. That means termites will stay active longer than other warm-blooded pests.

If termites have built a colony in a crawl space underneath a home, they can stay active all winter long.


In Missouri, the biggest threat is the subterranean termite. These termites live in the soil, but build mud tubes on basement walls so that they can travel in and out of the structure they are feeding on. These mud tubes offer protection from the drying effects of the sun, but also insulate these insects from cold winds and dropping temperatures. That means they can continue to feed long after the first bites of cold have come.

Termite Protection

If you live in Missouri, protection from termites is essential. These insects can feed on a home 365 days a year, under the right conditions. Make sure your home is termite-free and fully protected. Have the QualityPro certified team at Rottler do an inspection and install state-of-the-art termite monitoring stations to create a natural barrier around your home. Don't become part of that billion dollar property damage statistic when Rottler makes it so easy to guard the investment you've made in your home.

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