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Termites in St. Louis Dig Deep in the Winter


With the spring season just around the corner, pest control companies across the country are reminding people that termite swarms are coming and termites are going to be active soon. But what about during the winter? You may be fully aware of the damage and destruction that can happen when termites are active during the spring and summer but not many people know what termites do during the winter. Well, we are here to tell you that while termites are a year round problem in St. Louis, their behaviors do change.

While some more mild climates further south can experience active termites through the year, St. Louis temperatures can become quite chilly (or should we say freezing) in the winter. Since termites favor soil that is 75 to 95 degrees, they will begin to move deeper into underground as the top soil gets cold in the late fall. When termites move deep into the ground, they will generally remain inactive through the winter which is good for the time being. However, it does not mean they are going away. 

Termites in St. Louis and surrounding areas in Mid-Missouri work behind the scenes. Even when they are most active come springtime, they can still easily go unnoticed until structural damages have already been done. You see, they work from the inside out, chewing away at wood, which does not make identifying termites in your home an easy task until there is visible damage. So, what is a worried homeowner to do? Contact us at Rottler today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION termite inspection.

Due to the massive amount of structural damage that these wood destroying insects are to blame for, it is important to leave termite control in St. Louis to the pest control professionals. After a thorough inspection of your home to make sure termites are not already there, Rottler offers Term-Alert, a termite protection system to detect termite activity before they are able to reach your home. So, if you are wondering where termites have been hiding this winter, don’t wait until the damage begins this spring. Please contact us today for a free peace of mind termite inspection in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri.

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