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Termite Prevention Tips For Springfield Residents

If you own a home in Springfield, it is important to understand what threats can put your equity at risk. Some are obvious. We don't have to tell you that it is vital that you have insurance coverage for fire damage. Nor would we need to. Your home insurance policy probably already covers an accidental house fire. What you may not know is that there is a good chance your home insurance policy does not cover termites. Termites are considered a preventable threat and your insurance company is likely to tell you that it was your responsibility as part of the maintenance of your home to guard against termite damage. Here's how you can protect your property.

Termite Prevention Tips

  • Address moisture problems. If you have areas around your home where water accumulates after it rains, these areas should be addressed. Get rid of objects that are keeping the sun from drying the soil and make sure the soil is loose enough to let water sink in. Check your gutter system to make sure it isn't broken or obstructed. And fix any leaky spigots or hoses. Termites are attracted to moisture.
  • Keep leaves raked up and away from your foundation walls. Termites and other moisture pests are drawn to leaf litter because it provides the perfect conditions for them.
  • If there is any location on your home that touches the soil, it is a good idea to fix this problem. The termites we deal with in Springfield are subterranean termites, which are the most destructive termites in the United States. These termites must build mud tubes on foundation walls to get to the wood of your home if there is no direct contact, and mud tubes are a helpful sign to detect a termite threat.
  • Learn the signs of a termite infestation: mud tubes, termite damage, termite sounds, and what the presence of termite swarmers means.
  • For the best protection, hire a QualityPro-Certified pest control company to install a termite alert system. This is a network of discreet bait stations that give pest control professionals a clear warning when subterranean termites appear so that immediate action can be taken to prevent termite damage.

If you live in Springfield or our Missouri service area, reach out to Rottler for a free inspection, or to establish termite protection for your home. Our QualityPro-Certified team uses industry-leading termite control products to protect Missouri homes and businesses from the threat of these destructive wood-destroying insects. It is never too early to start thinking about termite control.  

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