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mole tears up lawns in st louis even in the winter

Moles are small mammals most noted for the mess and destruction they leave when coming into contact with our yard. Moles have round bodies with very small nose, eyes and ears which make their sense of touch heavily relied upon. They dig underground tunnels which uproot shrubs, trees and plants, starving them of the nutrients they need to survive. So what can you do to avoid moles from destroying your lawn in St. Louis, or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri? The pest and lawn experts at Rottler have many methods of mole control that can eliminate these pests from taking over the landscaping in your Missouri home.

Physical and mechanical control – Constructing a fence around gardens and flower beds that runs about a foot underground will help to keep digging moles away from your precious plants, flowers, and anything else you are growing. However, fencing alone will not be enough to stop these guys which is why the pest professionals should be called in.

Chemical control – Placing a scientifically proven toxic bait underground that eliminates moles. This bait is made to look like worms, which are the mole’s primary food source. This bait contains toxic substances and is marked and monitored to ensure its effectiveness.

Trapping – Sometimes with a large mole problem, trapping is used in conjunction with baiting to help control and eliminate the mole infestation.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that even the pest control experts can do to prevent more moles from attempting to dig around your yard. Especially for those living near large fields, wooded areas, or if you have a lush landscape, moles are going to be attracted. However, with a monitoring system and regular check-ins, the mole control program from Rottler will take the worry off your shoulders.

If you are living in the St. Louis area and you have noticed moles digging and destroying your precious landscapes, contact the pest control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Ask how our mole and lawn rodent control program can help you.

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