Fall pest control can be a challenge, as there are many pests looking to get into your home during this time of year. Fall pests need to escape the cooler weather or they will die; in order to do this, they look to enter homes through the cracks and crevices they can find along the exterior. One of the pests that has recently become a problem in Missouri is the brown marmorated stink bug. This pest was only introduced into the U.S. in 1998 and at that time it was thought to only be limited to Pennsylvania. Since then, the brown marmorated stink bug (also known just as the stink bug) has spread to more than 30 states, including Missouri. Because this invader is still relatively new, there are limited control techniques available to curb their activity. The St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler know that prevention is key in avoiding Missouri stink bugs, so we’ve come up with a few prevention tips to help you avoid a stink bug infestation in your home this fall. By following these tips, you can limit the number of stink bugs found in your St. Louis home.

  1. Don’t allow stink bugs access to your home. You can make sure that all possible entry points are closed up by doing a careful inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. Check around doors and windows for gaps, as well as around siding and where utility wires and pipes enter your home; you can use caulk and expandable foam to seal these gaps. Make sure that any window or door screens are free from rips and tears and check for cracks or crevices in your foundation. When you locate and close up possible entry points, you can reduce entry areas for these pests around your home.

  2. Install lighting around the exterior of your home that doesn’t attract insects. Any kind of white lighting is attractive to insects, including fluorescent, incandescent, mercury vapor, halogen and LED lighting. You should not use these, but instead install yellow fluorescent or yellow LED lights. For lighting large exterior areas for security reasons, high-pressure sodium lights are good choices because they don’t attract insects.

  3. Remove areas for stink bugs to hide on the exterior of your home. This includes in the garden or other areas of vegetation. Consistent weeding and cutting back vegetation and shrubs can help limit the number of outdoor hiding places for stink bugs in St. Louis, making them more vulnerable to the few animals that eat them outside (birds and praying mantises have been known to eat them, but they still have very few predators in Missouri at this time).

  4. Vacuum these pests up whenever you find them. Make sure you dispose of the contents of the vacuum bag outdoors so that these pests don’t escape and get back into your home. They are also known for emitting a stinky odor, so by getting rid of stink bugs outside you can help limit the smell from saturating your home.

  5. Enlist a pest control professional to apply a preventative treatment on the exterior of your home BEFORE stink bugs become a problem. Once these pests get inside the walls of your home or into your living area, there is not much that can be done to get rid of stink bugs, beyond constantly cleaning up their bodies. A preventative pest control treatment can help you keep these pests out before they even make it indoors.

Stink bugs are not known for biting and they aren’t known to spread any diseases, but having them entering your home in large numbers can be a real nuisance. The stinky odor they emit can be a frustration for homeowners, while pets and children may spend time playing with them or even eating them. Preventing stink bugs before they become a problem in your Missouri home is the best way to avoid encounters with these obnoxious pests.

For more information on the stink bug control services provided by the professionals at Rottler, please contact us today. We will be happy to set up your first inspection for stink bug services for a time and date that works well for you.

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