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Summer is here and the weather is perfect for planning fun and relaxing outdoor get-togethers! Picture it, after careful planning you have created the perfect backyard barbeque for your family and friends to enjoy. You have come up with the perfect seasoning blend for the hamburgers, mixed up the best lemonade ever, the deviled eggs are exceptional, and you even found a great deal on a new set of deck furniture. The stage is set for the perfect summer evening - that is until your guests are screaming, lemonade is being spilled, and everyone is running away to get away from the swarm of stinging insects that have decided to join your party. What a mess!

The stinging insect professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions want to help you prevent this scene and protect your family and friends from the dangers of stinging insects this summer season with some informative and helpful information.

A few of the common types of insects found in our area that can cause problems at outdoor events include bumble bees, paper wasps, and yellow jackets. Yellow jackets may be one of the most problematic party crashers because they love the foods found at barbeques- hamburgers, hotdogs, fruit, and sugary beverages - if it’s there, they are there!

Stinging insects, even the more aggressive species, will most likely leave you alone if you leave them alone; however, at an outdoor event with lots of people they may feel threatened by all that commotion and will protect themselves by stinging. Some species can even sting repeatedly. A sting is not only extremely painful, but the venom found in any stinging insect can be super dangerous for some people. Some allergic reactions are so severe that they can threaten a person’s life and require immediate medical attention.

In order to protect the guests at your next outdoor barbeque from stinging insects, we have come up with some helpful tips.

  • Make sure that screens found in doors and windows are intact to help prevent stinging insects from getting inside your home or onto screened-in porches.

  • Serve food and beverages inside, only bringing food items outside to eat.

  • Provide trash cans with lids on them to dispose of beverage containers and paper plates.

  • Go around and clean up plates, cups, and utensils that have been left behind.

  • Inspect your home and property for signs of stinging insects and or their nests before the party begins. Inform your guests of a stinging insect nest so that they can stay away from it.

If you discover a stinging insect nest around your home or at a location that is going to cause significant worry for you and your guests, it is best to contact a professional pest control expert. At Rottler Lawn & Pest Solutions we can assess the situation and eliminate or relocated (honey bees) the nest in order to keep your family and friends safe. For more information about Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions’ stinging insect control services, give us a call today!

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