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St. Louis Pest Control Pros Warn, Stinging Insects Are Abundant In Fall


It may still be warm in St. Louis, but that doesn’t mean fall isn’t quickly approaching. The first day of autumn is September 22nd; this marks the busiest part of the season for waspsyellow jackets and hornets in Missouri. These insects have now reached the peak of their populations; all the insects in the colony have fully matured, which means that there are more mouths to feed and more stinging insects roaming around and foraging for food. The pros at Rottler would like to help you prevent encounters with these insects so that you can avoid a painful hornet sting this fall.

Take These Precautions to Avoid Attracting Stinging Insects:

  1. Don’t wear perfumes, heavily scented body lotions or floral fabrics if you will be spending time outdoors.
  2. You may be mistaken for a flower or a food source by a hungry stinging insect.
  3. If you are having a picnic, prevent attracting stinging insects by keeping food in airtight containers until it is time to eat. When finished eating, store the food immediately and throw out leftovers into a trash can with a tightly fitting lid.
  4. Avoid taking sugary items outside, like soda or lemonade. These items may attract hungry stinging insects to your picnic.
  5. Don’t swat or make sharp movements when a stinging insect buzzes by; this will only frighten the insect and cause it to become needlessly aggressive.

If you’ve done all that you can to steer clear of these pests, chances are you will be able to avoid a wasp or hornet sting this fall.At Rottler, we can help you with all your stinging insect needs! We can help you with Eastern yellow jacket identification, nest treatment and exclusion to keep these pests from nesting on your property in the future. We can even offer year round pest control services to prevent these pests from finding your home and property in the future. Rottler Signature Protection is an ongoing pest management program that is designed to eliminate pests and help maintain a pest-free environment for every season. Our initial service will include a thorough interior and exterior inspection along with treatments to gain control of any existing pest problems. We will return every other month following your initial service to inspect and treat for further pest activity.

For complete home pest control services, contact the professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. If you simply need help with controlling stinging insects on your property this fall, we can offer a one-time service for that too! Just give us a call and one of our experienced pest management specialists will come out to your property at your earliest convenience. At Rottler, we’ve been providing exceptional pest control services for over 57 years and we are sure we can help you with any pest that is bothering you!

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