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Springtail Found On St. Louis Property

There are many pests (like mice for instance) that enter St. Louis homes in search of food, water and shelter and once inside are likely to stick around. However, there’s another group of pests that have a tendency to visit from time to time and they are called ‘occasional invaders’.  What are these pests? Well, they include ladybugs (also known as lady beetles and ladybird beetles), cluster flies, springtails, earwigs and box elder bugs amongst others. They typically don’t bite or cause you any physical harm and are more of a nuisance really.  They can become a serious problem though, especially if they invade in large numbers.  What can you do about keeping these pests at bay? Here are a few tips from the St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solution on how to prevent occasional invaders in your Mid-Missouri home. 

Pest prevention tips

  • Seal all cracks or gaps around the exterior of your home and repair damages. Make sure that open utility pipes are covered with hardwire mesh and use a good quality silicone-latex caulk to seal any cracks or openings that you find. Repair damaged screens and make sure that weather-stripping is in good condition.

  • Keep your home properly ventilated. Not only is this good for your own personal health, a well ventilated home can be a deterrent to certain types of occasional invaders, especially earwigs. 

  • Make your landscape less pest-friendly.  Remove debris around the exterior of your home (including mulch, wood piles, leaves and grass clippings) that pests may be harboring in so that they don’t have easy access to your structure.

  • Change to sodium vapor lamps in outdoor lights.  Some occasional invaders are attracted to bright lights, so installing yellow or sodium vapor lights will be less attractive to pests.

  • Remove occasional invaders with a vacuum. This may not seem like an ideal solution, but if you have a multitude of these pests inside your home, the best way to provide temporary relief is to use a shop vac to remove them.  It’s always a good idea to empty the vacuum frequently outdoors so these pests do not cause more problems inside your property. 

If you have spotted a few of these occasional invaders inside your home, utilize these prevention tips to try to limit the infestation. If you are noticing more and more of these pests, it is a good idea to consider year round home pest control services from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Rottler Signature Protection program includes an initial service, including an inspection to recognize any existing pest problems around your home and the conditions that are conducive to these issues.  A perimeter treatment on the exterior will be performed as well as full interior treatments to control existing pest problems.  After this, we will return every other month to inspect for further pest activity and to protect your home from future pest problems. For more information on the occasional invaders that may find your St. Louis home or more information on our pest control services in St. Louis, Columbia and throughout Mid-Missouri service area, please contact us today! 

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