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St. Louis Pest Control Pros Offer Solution For Squirrels, Rodents


This time of year, our Saint Louis pest control company often receives calls from worried homeowners who have been hearing noises coming from their walls or who have spotted rodent damage or mouse droppings in their attic; these clients want to know, are mice are dangerous? The answer is yes, these pests are dangerous! Micerats, and squirrels are frequent home invaders that could leave you with an expensive repair bills to your home and can cause possible health issues as well.

Prevent unnecessary stress; contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for pest control in St. Louis including expert rodent control. We understand rodents well and have devised a program to not only curb rodent activity already in your home, but also to ensure that mice and other pests won’t be a problem in the future. Our rodent exclusion program for homeowners in St. Louis and surrounding areas includes:

  1. Eliminating already established rodent activity
  2. Identifying and correcting conditions that would appeal to passing rodents
  3. Sealing off access points to prevent re-infestation

When it comes to mice, squirrels and other rodents, do not be deceived by their harmless appearance. Rodents are capable of causing extensive damage to a home when they:

  • Chew their way into the dwelling
  • Gnaw on electrical wiring
  • Establish nests in insulation
  • Contaminate areas with their droppings
  • Create structural damage with their activity

If you’ve heard noises coming from within the walls or over your head, have noticed droppings around your home, or have spotted an uninvited houseguest, give us a yell! If you have a problem with mouse traps not working, you’re not alone; simply throwing out a few mouse traps is not a sufficient cure for rodent problems. The professionals at Rottler can help eliminate a mouse infestation; give us a call today in St. Louis, St. Charles and Mid-Missouri. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is ready to help you get rid of squirrels and mice, as well as resolve other pest problems in Missouri.

This blog was originally published on January 27, 2012, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating pest problems.

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