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Whether your plan is to take full advantage of the sunshine and warm weather by gardening, relaxing in the hammock or simply spending time in your backyard this summer, the St. Louis pest control specialists at Rottler have a couple of tips to ensure that wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging insects don’t deter you from these activities.

Along with mosquitoes, stinging insects are plentiful during the summer months (especially late summer and early fall) and if you are not careful, you could run into the stinger of one of these pests. To avoid stings in your backyard, our St. Louis exterminators have the following recommendations:

  • Always wear shoes when mowing or wandering around outside to avoid stepping on these insects or their nests that can sometimes be in the ground.

  • When hosting a BBQ, keep food inside or covered until its time to serve. Afterwards, don’t let food (including open cans of soda and other beverages) continue remain out as they (especially sweet items) are likely to attract these pests.

  • Skip the sweet smelling lotions and perfumes if you know you will be spending time outside.

  • Leave brightly colored and/or floral print garments in the closet so that wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging insects won’t mistake you for flowers.

You should also refrain from aggravating stinging insects by swatting at them as it could provoke them to sting. Also, if you find a nest on your property, walk away. It can be dangerous to try to remove one without the help of a trained professional who has the tools, knowledge and experience to safely remove a nest.

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we hope you enjoy your yard this summer without worrying about being stung. If you do discover a stinging insect issue on your property, give us a call or fill out our contact form! With stinging insect and pest control services offered in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri, we are ready to help you have a sting free summer!


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