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squirrel climbing on fence in st. louis

Squirrels are fascinating creatures that can keep us entertained for hours with their antics and quirky behaviors. Did you know that this tiny critter is able to smell buried food under a whole foot of snow? Once found, he will dig a tunnel, following his nose until he reaches the buried treasure. Did you know that this same squirrel may pretend to bury a nut in order to throw off potential thieves? Squirrels have been observed engaging in this "deceptive caching" where they frantically dig a hole then cover it up quickly without actually depositing the nut. They are indeed fascinating creatures in the wild. However, if they get into your home, they are not quite so fascinating, especially if they are keeping you up at night and doing all sorts of damage to your home.

Why have squirrels taken up residence in my attic?

Sometimes when a squirrel climbs up onto a roof or eave of a home, they discover a little hole or crack where there is warm air escaping. If it is cold outside, the squirrel may squeeze in through the hole (or chew it until it is big enough to squeeze through) and make a nest in your attic. From here, it will come and go as it pleases. If it is a female, it may even have a litter of babies in that nest. No big problem. Live and let live, right? Well, if a squirrel is allowed to stay in your attic, it can be potentially dangerous.

Squirrels in the attic, especially if babies are born and begin to scamper around, can create quite a ruckus. They will destroy insulation by using it as nesting material, soil areas with their urine and feces, and chew on everything in sight. Squirrels are rodents and, like other rodents, they have teeth that never stop growing. Because of this, they need to chew to keep their teeth at a usable size. They will chew everything from wood and plastic, to wires and treasured keepsakes. Losing a keepsake to a squirrel is bad enough, but losing your home because a squirrel chewed a wire and sparked a fire is even worse.

What to do to keep squirrels out, or get rid of them:

If you want to be proactive in keeping squirrels, and other pests, out of your home, there are a number of steps you can take, including sealing up all entry points on the outside of your home, trimming back all bushes and tree branches, and making sure all your screens are in good repair. But if you already have squirrels taking up residence inside your home, it is time to call a professional pest controller. Here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer a free home inspection and have the expertise and proper equipment to humanely remove squirrels from your property. Don't take chances with squirrels, get help today.


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