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Spring Yard Work Reveals Signs Of Termites

Termite Wood Damages In St. Louis

It is spring!!! Many St. Louis homeowners are spending extra time outside working in the yard or doing home improvement projects. Activities like cleaning up debris, planting gardens and mowing the lawn are just a few of the outdoor spring projects that keep us busy. However, one thing you might not be familiar with is the different signs of termite activity that you may come across when working outside and around the home. Even though termites in St. Louislive underground and are not often seen, they do leave behind evidence of their existence. So, while you are working, make sure to watch out for the following termite indicators:

Termite swarm – During the early weeks of spring (or when the warmer temperatures finally make arrive), you may see reproductive, winged termites called swarmers. While termites in St. Louis do live mainly underground, these guys actually make an appearance above ground. These termites emerge from the colony (and even possibly from inside your home) in an attempt to find a mate and move on to form a new colony. Once a male and female has selected one another and mated, they break off their wings. You may see discarded wings lying around the property or inside by windows and door frames. These wings can be very helpful in detecting a termite problem as they are often the first sign of termites a homeowner will notice.

Mud tubes - Termites travel through mud tunnels in order to go from their colony to a food source. Their underground colonies can be several feet away from the home or even on a neighboring property. However, if you look along your foundation and along walls, you may see small mud tubes that termites are using to access the structures of your home. You can even break part of the mud tube off and then come back and check on it in a few days. If it is repaired, you know you have an active colony.

Wood damage - We all know that termites are wood-destroying pests, but detecting termites in wood is not as easy as you may think. This is because termites work from the inside out. Their damage may already be done before you actually see it. Termites often leave evidence of their presence. If you notice warped wood, small holes in the wood, or wood that feels soft or squishy you may have a termite infestation on your hands.

So while you are busy at work preparing your property for the spring and summer season, make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of these destructive insects. Whether you are concerned that you may have a termite colony on your property, or you would like to prevent them from becoming a problem, please give the pros at Rottler a call for a FREE termite inspection!

Remember, in addition to our St. Louis termite control services and pest control, we also offer lawn care services in St. Louis as well to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and lush lawn!

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