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Spring Lawn Care Services In St. Louis

Just days away from the official start to spring, are you excited? We sure are! And we wanted to remind homeowners across Mid-Missouri including St. Louis, it is time to sign up for your spring lawn care services! Whether you already have recurring services with Rottler or if you are looking for a trusted Missouri lawn care company to make your property the envy of the neighborhood, you are in the right place. 

We understand that lawn care is time consuming but it is not something that you can cut out. So what we do at Rottler is design a lawn care program just for your property and your needs specifically. Our lawn care services in St. Louis and throughout our Mid-Missouri service area include:

Soil analysis - We treat each property as its own by taking a soil analysis to see exactly what nutrients your lawn needs to thrive.

Lawn care regimen - We will create a customized plan to ensure that your lawn is lush and healthy throughout the entire year.

Tree and shrub care - Each season calls for something different but in the spring we provide protection from plant pests like mites, deep root fertilization, and an application of insecticide and fungicide.

Mole control - If you are noticing damage to your lawn, it could be from moles or other lawn rodents. We have the latest in mole technology to get rid of moles before they cause too much damage and destruction to your lawn.

Mosquito control - Ok, so it’s not peak mosquito season yet, but we all know they are coming! Ask a Rottler lawn care pro about our mosquito control services to help decrease mosquito populations on your property.

Before the kickoff to spring has come and gone, now is the time to get ahead of the game and sign up for your spring lawn care services including a FREE lawn analysis. Contact a Rottler lawn care professional today and we will get started!

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