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It is official! Winter is over, and the long-awaited spring of 2017 is underway. Temperatures are starting to rise, the grass is turning green, the buds are on the trees, and birds are returning to their summer homes. All the hustle and bustle of spring is in full swing by now as creatures small and great welcome their new additions, but not all of these additions are welcomed events for people. Pests of all sorts are busy increasing their colonies and preparing to search through homes and businesses for sources of food, water, and shelter. Some of these pests are merely a nuisance, some are destructive to your property, and others pose a health risk to you and your family.

Take the flea for instance. When temperatures start to rise in the spring, this tiny little pest takes the cue and begins to reproduce. Their populations will continue to rise drastically throughout the spring and early summer peaking in late summer or early fall. The trouble is that fleas feed on blood, and they don’t care where they get it. Pets, people, wild animals – blood is blood to fleas.

You may be thinking that you are safe from a flea infestation in your home because you do not own any pets. Well, think again! While it is true that the number one way that fleas enter a home is on the backs of unsuspecting cats and dogs, there are plenty of other ways for them to find their way into your home. Once the flea hitches a ride onto your property on a deer, raccoon, squirrel, or other wild animal it will sit and wait for a warm body to walk by and carry it into your home; and that warm body could be yours! Fleas can find their way inside through small gaps or cracks in your foundation or around utility entrances, doors, or windows; and they can also be transported in laundry baskets, boxes, and other items that you carry inside from your yard.

No matter how those fleas wound up accessing your home, the only concern on your mind is, "how do I get rid of them?” After all, you know from past experience that DIY products are not always very effective, and they can be downright dangerous if used or mixed incorrectly. The safest and fastest way to eliminate fleas in your home is to obtain professional help from the expert pest control professionals here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We have safe, affordable solutions to your flea infestation and can quickly end the misery these fleas are causing in your home.

Of course, the very best way to keep fleas from causing trouble in your home or business is to keep them from your property in the first place. That is where our year-round Signature pest protection program comes in. Fleas are one of the many pests that can be controlled through this comprehensive residential pest protection plan. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions also offers flea protection through our outdoor mosquito and tick services that offer protection from these three pests during their active season.

To learn more about our Signature pest protection programs, our seasonal mosquito and tick service, or any of our other industry leading pest control solutions, simply give us a call today.

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