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As we leave winter behind and head into spring, this is a crucial time for your lawn. If you've made the choice to invest in professional lawn care from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, here's what you can expect.

Rottler Spring Treatments

Proper treatments in early spring are vital for strong turf grass all year long. Your Rottler technicians will apply pre-emergent fertilizer to address problem grasses like crabgrass, apply spot weed control for winter annual weeds such as chickweed and henbit, apply a blanket weed control product to prevent emerging weeds, and apply a second pre-emergent fertilizer to address crabgrass which will be very abundant this year with the winter and spring we have had. This regimen, along with proper watering and mowing practices on your part, will work to make your lawn as healthy as possible--and a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn. After your lawn has been serviced, you may notice blue areas. All spot weed control products are marked with a blue dye. This dye is only temporary and is easily washed away when it rains or when your lawn is watered.

Continued Care

After your lawn is prepped and ready for success, there are a few things you can do to ensure that success.

  • If you have fescue turfgrass, we recommend that you mow tall. Your grass blades should be at least 3.5" tall. This will give more blade to soak up the light of the sun and create shade that can stunt the growth of weed seeds hidden in the soil.

  • Raking your lawn can have a big impact. It opens up the soil to allow nutrients, water, and air to get to the roots of your turfgrass. These are all important for healthy growth and will help your grass outcompete weeds.

  • Water is essential. If there isn't enough rain, it is important to make sure your lawn gets the 1.5" of water per week that it needs to be vigorous throughout the year.

Lawn Disease

Our lawn care specialists are trained to inspect and treat any lawn care issues that may arise, and the services we provide will be specific to your needs. If you have had a problem with dollar spot, brown patch, or some other lawn disease, ask your technician about our fungicide treatments and find out if this service is right for your lawn. The weather in our area has presented some challenges with controlling lawn diseases and we rely on you to help us give you the best service possible.

Whether you are a new or existing customer, reach out to us today at (888) 966-8919 to get more information on investing in professional lawn care with Rottler.

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