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When the weather starts to warm up in Wentzville, bugs and animals become more active. This will increase the pest pressures in your yard. But you can combat this by doing some spring cleaning. Here are some tips that will help you reduce potential pests.

Pest Control Tips For Spring

  • A wet yard is an attractive yard. Silverfish, cockroaches, termites, and other moisture-loving insects will be drawn to areas of damp soil. That is why leaf cleanup is so important. Leaves prevent the sun from drying up rainwater, and create areas of damp ground. They can also clog your gutters, creating a spillover that will dampen your foundation perimeter, or provide a pool of water on your home, to give mosquitoes a breeding location.

  • Shade can create moist locations in a yard. If you have an area that gets a lot of shade, it is important to trim branches on trees and shrubs to allow the sun to dry soaked ground.

  • All pests feel more comfortable in a yard that has natural debris, so along with raking up leaves, it is important to get sticks as well. Your goal should always be to make your yard feel uninviting to bugs and animals. Keep your grass trimmed, pluck up the weeds, and keep things orderly to resist pest pressures.

  • Pests look for harborage. If you have lawn clutter, they will take advantage of it. Spiders will hide in toys, rodents will wiggle under piles of construction materials, and more. It is always best to keep items stored in a shed or garage.

  • Along with keeping things clean, it is important to do an inspection of your outside walls and seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. This will prevent encroaching pests, such as ants, from accidentally getting into your home.

  • Spring is the perfect time of year to replace or fix damage screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping.

The best way to keep pests out of your home and reduce pests in your yard is to partner with an educated and experienced professional. Pest control is a science, and it takes a scientist to properly manage them in your yard.

If you have not invested in year-round pest control for your Wentzville home and yard, drop us a line or schedule a free inspection. Life is so much better without pests. Let the QualityPro team at Rottler help you protect your family and your property from the harmful influence of pest pressures. Reach out to us this spring and let's get your protection in place.

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