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Spring Cleaning And Pest Control


This is the time of year to do a little spring cleaning. If you own your own home, there is a good chance you're going to take part in this time-honored tradition. But, are you aware how important spring cleaning is to pest control? It's true. When you clean, you can actually disrupt the ecosystem that encourages pests to live in your home. Here are a few examples.

  • Spills attract insects. If you take some time to clean under your refrigerator during your spring cleaning, where juice, milk, and other dripped juices can sometimes find their way, you'll reduce the population of insects in your home. If you reduce insects coming into your home, you'll reduce the number of insects that will want to come into your home to eat those insects.
  • Holes and gaps give entry. If you fill holes, cracks, and gaps during your spring cleaning, you can reduce the number of bugs that invade your walls. While this is definitely a good thing by itself, it will also prevent bugs from getting into your wall voids where they can die and become a food source for other pests. Sometimes, they don't even need to die to attract a secondary, pest like woodpeckers.
  • Flying insects are food for spiders. The more you have, the more those spiders are going to love your home. While you're doing your spring cleaning, be sure to check all your screens for holes or rips, seal all of your trash cans to keep smells in and flies out, and be sure to address any conditions that allow food to be available for flies. Fruit flies are drawn to fruit. Fungus flies are drawn to plant soil and vinegar. House flies are drawn to rotting organic matter.When you reduce flies, you reduce the spiders that eat them.
  • Deep cleaning directly addresses pest issues that would not be addressed by surface cleaning. When you get the grime cleaned up on the sides of your oven, you will make your kitchen less inviting to cockroaches.

There are many things you can do during your spring cleaning that can disrupt and deter invading bugs and wildlife, but the best way to keep your home pest free is to have a professional pest control technician do a detailed inspection and use advanced protocols to seal pests out.

If you're in our extensive Missouri service area, learn about the many natural and effective solutions the team here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions uses to control and manage pest pressures for homes and businesses in Missouri. Spring is better without pests. It's just that simple.

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