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Have you been told that those spiders around your home are beneficial? Has someone sold you the bill of goods that spiders eat other "undesirable" insects, like mosquitoes, flies and gnats? And, that you should let them do their thing? Do you allow those spiders to build their webs under your eaves and around your doorways so they can "help" you? If so, this article is for you.

It is true: spiders eat mosquitoes. There is no doubt about it and that is good news. Mosquitoes can carry some pretty scary viruses. All it takes is one bite from the wrong mosquito and you're looking at several days of misery.

It is true: spiders eat flies. If you have fly problems in your home, spiders can help you deal with it. They build their webs in the corners of your kitchen and munch on flies all day long, like a living piece of flypaper. If you want fewer creatures in your kitchen that walk around in your trash and then walk around on your dishes and food, spiders are a good thing.

It is true: spiders eat other pests. If you hate swallowing a fruit fly on your way to the refrigerator, it is nice to have some spiders around. Spiders dine on a wide variety of insects that many would consider pests.

So, it is good to have some spiders around, right? Hold on now. Let's take a look at the other side.

Have you ever caught a spider web on your shins or in your face, walking from one room to the next? Have you ever backed up and got a hair full of spider web next to the front door? Have you ever turned around in the shower and got jumped by a spider on the wall? Spiders may be beneficial, but who wants a bunch of spiders hanging around? They crawl on you while you sleep. They put their webs in the most irritating places. They make your home look like Count Dracula's mansion. And, on top of all this, they can bite in some cases.

When it comes to dealing with flying pests consider these options instead.

  • Rottler offers multiple treatment options for mosquitoes and other flying insects, from complete misting machines to monthly treatments of the foliage and other conducive conditions in your yard. Spiders don't have a chance in competing with this kind of mosquito control.

  • Rather than have spiders all over your kitchen, considers inspecting your screens and patching holes. Make sure all your trash is in sealed containers. Leave dishes in soapy water, instead of next to the sink in a stack. If you have no open or rotting food in your home, you will naturally deter flies.

Exclusion and pest treatments are far more effective at controlling flying insects than those spiders are. Why not consider these? Then you won't have to live with any of these insects. Life is better without mosquitoes OR spiders. Contact us here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions and give it a try!


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