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termites during the cold winter months

Many insects hibernate or go into a low energy state called diapause during the winter months. Termites are not one of them. This is an insect that can stay active all year round, especially if it finds its way into your home. "But I don't have termites!" you might say. Are you sure? Termites are a silent invader. Many times homeowners don't even realize they have termites till the damage is already done. With over $5 billion of property damage attributed to termites each year, can you afford to not learn the warning signs?

Subterranean termites can chew quietly on your support beams for years without you ever knowing it. The signs can be subtle. Here is a checklist that will help you detect these home-wrecking bugs.

  1. The most notable sign of subterranean termites are the mud tubes they build on the foundations of homes so they can travel from the soil up into your wall voids without being exposed to the elements. These can sometimes go undetected because they can be built under decks, patios, or porches, and sometimes behind shrubs, bushes or trees. Inspect your foundation wall for these tubes, especially in hard to reach spots.

  2. If you see paint chewed or wood carved up, that is a solid sign termites are in your home. They attack fences, decks, and wooden structures in your yard.

  3. Piles of sawdust on the floor, running down a wall, or pasted in a ceiling corner, is clear indication that termites are present. These sawdust piles will most likely be found in the basement or in the attic, where it is still and quiet.

  4. Sagging or bulging walls. If you see a wall that looks like it might be bulging out, put your ear to it. You'll be able to hear the termites moving around .

  5. Windows and doors that don't shut right may be a sign that termites have done enough damage to cause your frames to slant.

  6. If you see an insect that looks like a flying ant but doesn't have the three distinct body segments, you are looking at a termite. Even one of these crawling around on your window sill should prompt you to call a professional pest control company and have your home inspected.

Termites can turn a beautiful home into a condemned structure. Get termite protection today. You have invested too much into your home to allow it be eaten away by insects.

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