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Silverfish Pest Control In St. Louis

When people think about pests that may invade their homes, the silverfish is not usually the first one that comes to mind.  However, they are an annoying and potentially damaging pest that is found in St. Louis and throughout Missouri as well as the rest of the United State.  As their name suggests, these insects are silver to gray in color, and their bodies are covered in small scales.  They also have three bristle-like appendages protruding from the rear of the insect; one pointing straight back, one to the left, and one to the right.

Silverfish need areas of high moisture to live, so they are often found in bathrooms and kitchens, near pipes and sinks.  As long as the humidity is high enough, a silverfish can go up to a year without food.  Silverfish will feed on many different food sources, but especially like anything that is high in protein or carbohydrates.  Some of their favorites include paper, glue, wallpaper, cereal, and other grain products.  They will sometimes eat dead or dying insects, including those of their own kind.

Controlling silverfish in your home is best accomplished by implementing preventative measures.  To prevent silverfish from entering your home you should:

  • Eliminate food sources – Store old books, papers, or cardboard in airtight plastic containers.
  • Eliminate entry points – Caulk openings or cracks around windows, doors, and vents to limit the number of places that silverfish can enter from.
  • Lower humidity – Running an air-conditioner or dehumidifier to lower the humidity will make your home much less appealing to silverfish.

If you have noticed silverfish in your home or business, or have noticed signs of other pests, call your local St. Louis exterminator.  Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has been providing effective pest solutions for the St. Louis area since 1956 and offer silverfish pest control as well as relief from other insects and rodents common to the area.  Whether you need residential or commercial pest control, Rottler is the right choice for you.  Contact us today for your free inspection!

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