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It may seem a little early to begin talking about the holiday’s but the reality is that the long awaited holiday season is much closer than you may think. So this year instead of waiting until the last minute for your holiday decorating in St. Louis, you may be happy to know that the team at Rottler can step in and take over your holiday decorating chore. Not only is it more convenient but did you know that there are many dangers when it comes to the installation of holiday lighting?

Some of the dangers associated with the installation of holiday lights in St. Louis include:

  • Being on a ladder has many dangers on it’s own including the risk of falling off and injury.

  • Fire hazards associated with the improper use of extension cords and outlets.

  • Installing the wrong kind of lights like outdoor lights on the inside or vice versa can also prove to be a fire danger.

  • Lighting cords can be a tripping hazard for you and your family both inside and outside.

  • You may risk structural damage if you use the wrong type of fasteners for hanging lights.

In order to start the holiday’s off right with no injuries or fires, leave the work of holiday lighting to the pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our lighting team is experienced and certified to safely and properly install all of your favorite holiday lights. And what’s better is that when the holiday’s are over we will take down the lights and store them for you until the next year.

We understand that the holiday’s can be quite stressful, so why not take holiday decorating off your list and leave it to us? To learn more about Rottler’s holiday decorating and lighting services for St. Louis and surrounding communities in Mid-Missouri, please contact us today!

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