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eastern subterranean termites in a st louis home

If you are going to be making a move and selling your current home, then you are probably aware of how many different things you need to take into consideration. There’s the cleaning, maintenance, and the paperwork which can leave you frantic. But one thing that should move to the top of your priority list before you put the house on the market is a termite inspection. Certainly not at the top of many sellers minds in St. Louis, but a termite inspection could save you a lot of headaches down the line.

Termites work behind the scenes which means you may have no idea that they are currently infesting the wood structures of your home. But after some time, when termites have had a chance to really do their damage, the new homeowners may be faced with an expensive repair bill. On the other hand, if you inspect your home for termites before selling it, then you can be sure that you will not be liable for any future termite problems that may arise.

A professional termite inspection is always recommended, since these are tricky pests to catch. But if you look around your home and property and notice any of the following signs, you may very well be hosting a colony of termites.  

  • Mud tunnels in the soil around your property which they use to travel underground

  • Termite swarms or flying termites which are a common springtime occurrence

  • Wood damage, such as buckling wood, sagging floors or ceilings, damage to window sills and door frames, or small holes in wood

The problem with actually detecting these signs of termites is that the damage has already been done once signs have been detected. Each year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damages and most of it happens behind the scenes without people realizing it until the damage is done. The good news is that this can all be avoided with a professional termite inspection before your home goes on the market.

For homeowners in St. Louis and surrounding areas of Mid-Missouri who are looking to sell their home, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for a professional termite inspection so you can be sure that your home is free of structural damage. With highly effective termite solutions available for those who do have a termite problem, Rottler will have your home pest free in no time so you can sell your home.

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