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st louis home infested with pests

Bed bugs are back with a vengeance. After more than 40 years of dormancy, these pests are enjoying an impressive resurgence throughout the country and St. Louis is not an exception. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we are getting call about bed bugs and bed bug bites more frequently than ever before.  We understand how stressful and time consuming bed bug infestations can be for homeowners, which is why we offer our eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments for properties in St. Louis and throughout mid-Missouri. Don’t let these nighttime pests take over; partner with Rottler and get rid of bed bug infestations in your home, multi-unit housing, school dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and other commercial lodgings. 

Unlike many traditional bed bug treatments or do-it-yourself products, our environmentally responsible bed bug heat treatments are an ideal way to eradicate bed bugs without the use pesticides or chemicals. It is an environmentally safe method that kills bed bugs in mattresses, linens, furniture and even on personal belongings and electronics with 100% effectiveness. Through the use of heat, we can treat just the affected areas while the rest of your home or business remains up and running; we can also target an entire structure that has been infested with bed bugs. 

Bed bug heat treatments eradicate all stages of bed bug development from eggs to adults and this treatment can be done in a matter of hours. Using large, electric heaters that won’t use your electricity, our trained technicians will create heat that reaches the kill zone of 120°F or higher and then make sure this heated air is circulated throughout the infested area or the entire structure. Constant monitoring ensures all bed bugs are killed, no matter where they are congregating during the daylight hours. 

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our bed bug heat treatment service was designed to provide homes and businesses in St. Louis and surrounding areas a complete solution for the ever-increasing problem of bed bug infestations. For more information on our eco-friendly pest control solutions or to find out how we can provide a bed bug inspection call us toll free at 1-877-ROTTLER or click here

This blog was originally published on March 8, 2010, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating bed bug problems.

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