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green grass in a st louis lawn

We recently discussed some fall lawn care tips for the do-it-yourselfer. And while it may be ambitious of you to try to tackle your lawn this season, many people get lost in the list of other to dos, including getting the kids to school, fall sports and other fall activities. If the time already feels like it’s flying by and you are wondering when you will be able to tend to your St. Louis lawn, or if you are simply not a do-it-yourselfer, then Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has the solution for you!

We offer many lawn care programs designed to suit your property in St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri. Whether you are looking for just a little help with fall weeding and winterization, or if you are looking to have it all taken care of, then Rottler has the program for you. We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum level programs based on what your property needs. Keep in mind that our fall lawn care programs are a part of a season long program rather than just a one-time deal.

The Platinum Lawn Care program offers the most value in services. This is ideal for those who are not interested or do not have the time to take on their lawn care maintenance. This program includes two of the most important services to keep your lawn healthy this fall and through the winter.

Aeration will provide the deep grass roots with the essential nutrients and oxygen needed to stay healthy throughout the year.
Overseeding will take care of the grass that did not fare well through St. Louis’s hot summer so you do not wake up next spring to rough patches of grass.  

Not sure which lawn care program is best for you? No worries because we offer a free lawn analysis which will help determine what your lawn needs in order to thrive year round. So no matter how much or how little help you need, one of Rottler’s lawn care programs is sure to fit your needs and budget. And now is the time to schedule your fall lawn care services in St. Louis so in order to get started, please contact us today!

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