St. Louis

November 30th, 2015

SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - A resident of a senior living center in south St. Louis said bed bugs have become a big problem at the facility over the last few months.

A man who says he's been living with the insects for almost two months contacted News 4 after he got a notice from his apartment complex about the problem.

"Scratch, scratch. I've got scratches all over me," says Bob Lampson. "They are on my pillow and crawl all over my head at night."

Lampson says he's been dealing with bed bugs for six weeks. A spokesman for Maryville Gardens Senior Apartments said residents were notified of the bed bug problem and management is paying for an exterminator. However, if the bed bugs come back, then it will be up to the renter to foot the bill.

"To get this taken care of individually, costs $1000 dollars and these people don't have $1,000. They wouldn't be living here if they had that," says Lampson.

News 4 checked in with an exterminator to find out what the chances are of bed bugs coming back after they've paid a visit.

"We do everything perfect to get rid of them. If the tenant goes back out where ever they get them before, it will happen all over again," says Jason Everitt with Rottler Pest Control.

Everitt says bed bugs have been plaguing St. Louis for years.

"We really have been real heavy here since 2007 and 2008. Currently, today I've got six crews running Monday through Saturday treating for bed bugs," he says.

Everitt says there's such a demand that he's booked weeks in an advance. Lampson is on that waiting list.

"Christmas is the earliest. When I was a kid, I used to jump up to see if I got a new bike. Now I have a bunch of little monsters," says Lampson.

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