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St. Louis Bee

Would you know a carpenter bee if you saw one? As bee activity in St. Louis increases, we're beginning to get requests from homeowners about bumble bees. But often, these reports turn out to be carpenter bees. See if you can tell which of these reports are for bumble bees and which are not.

"We're getting bumble bees in the back porch eaves."

Though we can't know for sure till we send someone to do an inspection, there is a good chance that these bees are carpenter bees. This bee loves boring her way into eaves, especially deck or porch eaves, which tend to be less protected.

"Bumble bees are entering and exiting from under our deck."

The words "entering and exiting" reveal that they are more likely carpenter bees. Carpenter bees tend to move upwards when tunneling into wood. Their holes will usually be found on the underside of a deck or in eaves and overhangs.

"There are fat bees flying around the shed in back of our house."

Now this one could be bumble bees. Though bumble bees prefer to build their nests in grass or a tree trunk, they are known to use undisturbed portions of manmade structures, like lofts, attics and out buildings for nesting sites. If this report mentioned the bees emerging from tiny circular holes, we could rule out bumble bees and assume we're dealing with carpenter bees.

"We're getting a lot of bumble bees, but we don't have any flowers in our yard."

If you have big bees hanging around your yard and no flowers for them to draw nectar from, they are more likely carpenter bees. Though carpenter bees collect nectar just like bumble bees, they have other motivations that drive them to be on a property. If they find a home with unprotected wood, they may choose to build a nest in it and to fly to the neighbor's yard to get their nectar. Bumble bees are less concerned about finding an appropriate home and more concerned about being near their food source.

Finding and eliminating carpenter bees at the first sign of a problem can protect your home from costly repairs. If you suspect carpenter bees are living on your property, call a professional and have them safely removed. These wood-destroying insects can cause a lot of damage if left untreated.  Contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to schedule your free inspection.  

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