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QualityPro Certified Means The Best of the Best


QualityPro Certified is not just another certification, license or degree. It’s something that makes a bold statement about the pest control company that it has been awarded to. When you go to your doctor’s or dentist’s office they have these big, fancy framed certificates on the wall. Some are actual diplomas from the schools that they attended, some are licensing certifications from a government or state agency, and some are awards that they have earned within their field. Often, I wonder what exactly do each of these mean? Honestly, they could almost be written in another language because a certificate, degree or award means nothing unless you understand what it truly represents. And, then I wonder, where exactly within their graduating class they placed? Were they 80th out of a graduating class of 80? Were they valedictorian? Those degrees, diplomas, and certificates don’t say that they passed with a 4.0 or 100% average, they just say that the recipient met the minimal requirements.

When you hear the term QualityPro and know that the pest control company that you have chosen is QualityPro certified it makes a huge statement about the company and where they are ranked among all the pest control companies nationwide. First and foremost, you need to know that less than 3% of professional pest control companies in the US achieve the QualityPro status. Wow. That’s like 2 pennies out of the 100 it takes to make a dollar. I would surely call that ‘valedictorian’ status. 

Here are the other statements that this certification makes:

  • Every employee has had a comprehensive background check which includes criminal and motor vehicle records.
  • All references of employees have been thoroughly checked.
  • Each company has fully vetted employees that are constantly being trained and educated.
  • Every company has a drug-free workplace policy.
  • Each company practices environmentally responsible pest control.
  • Each company offers a clear, easy-to-understand warranty and termite service agreement.
  • All advertising is clear, concise, truthful and ethical.

Here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we are proud to say that we have been wearing the QualityPro Certification badge since 2004. This certification lets you know that we take our job seriously. Our number one goal is to provide superior service with our steadfast commitment to exceeding all of our clients' needs and expectations. We are a family owned and operated company that is proud of its roots, but at the same time, we are up to date with advanced technologies, procedures, and education in the pest control world. Now that you know that we are QualityPro certified, and you have an idea of exactly what that means your next step is an easy one, contact us! We’ve made it easy peasy to get ahold of us, you can click here to contact us through our website, or you can call (888) 966-8919 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service associates.

Choose the best, of the best when you choose Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions!

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