Don't Let Mosquitoes Take A Bite Out Of Your Outdoor Fun

Mosquito bites are annoying and worse than that, they can transmit serious diseases including West Nile Virus to you and your family members.   Unfortunately for residents in St. Louis and throughout Missouri, mosquitoes have a short development time (10 – 14 days from egg to adult) which makes them a pest that is very difficult to control.  

So, how do you protect yourself and family from being covered in mosquito bites during the warmer months?  Simply put: prevention.  Know what attracts them to your property, what time of day these pests are likely to be active and what you can do to repel mosquitoes that are out for blood.  

In order to breed, the females of most mosquito species must have blood (which they typically get from us) and water.  That means that any source of stagnant water on your property is likely to draw mosquitoes.  This includes drainage ditches, gutters, ponds, marshes and even leaves of plants.  Artificial containers such as bird baths, kiddy pools and spare tires will also suffice.  By eliminating those areas where even a tiny amount of water can be contained, you can discourage mosquito activity.  Inspect your property carefully for stagnant water and correct conditions if possible.  Simply refreshing water in bird baths and pools, turning over empty flower pots and clearing your gutters of leaves and debris are very helpful in eliminating breeding sites.  

You’re most likely to be bitten by mosquitoes at dawn and at dusk as that is when mosquitoes are most active.  By scheduling outdoor activities around those times you can decrease your chance of being peppered with mosquito bites.  

Now that we’ve covered eliminating standing water to discourage mosquito breeding and identified when you should keep your family indoors, it is time to focus on other helpful mosquito prevention tips including measures you can implement around your home and what type of clothing to wear when spending time in areas where there is mosquito activity.

  • Mosquitoes often take to tall grass and other cool, dark protected vegetation to rest during the daytime hours. To combat these annoying pests, you should keep your lawn trimmed and vegetation tamed.

  • Make sure all your door and window screens are free of holes and repair or replace if necessary.  Also, if you don’t have screen doors or windows covered, consider installing them or be sure to keep your doors and windows shut, especially during the peak activity times.  

  • Reduce the use of outdoor lighting at night.

  • When spending time outdoors, wear light colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors.  Although not exactly a trendy summer look, the ideal clothing would be long-sleeved shirts and long pants that tuck into socks.

  • In areas where mosquito activity is high, we suggest wearing a mosquito net to cover you head and face.

  • For long lasting protection, apply mosquito repellent that contains DEET to your clothing (check your fabric, as DEET has been known to damage synthetic fabrics) and skin (exposed areas only) before heading outdoors.  

  • Consider scheduling an inspection with a St. Louis pest control company that specializes in mosquito control to help you significantly reduce the mosquito population.

If you have purchased citronella candles, mosquito lights and other mosquito control products and are still seeing significant mosquito activity on your property, it is no surprise.  The effectiveness of over the counter products is questionable and can be costly, especially when you buy one of everything.  At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer mosquito control in St. Louis that is designed to identify and eliminate areas where mosquitoes love to breed and to also treat for mosquito larvae.  In addition, we also offer mosquito misting systems for homes and businesses that can be set to work during predetermined times or activated by remote control whenever you need it to.  

Given their nature, it is impossible to fully get rid of mosquitoes but with these mosquito prevention tips and help from Rottler, you can certainly bite back.  To learn more about our mosquito and pest control services in St. Louis and mid-Missouri, please contact us today. 

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