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raccoon up close

Raccoons are like furry burglars. Their dexterous fingers give them the ability to get into our Springfield homes in a way no other animal can. They can turn a doorknob. They can flip a latch on a gate. They can open a partially opened window. It is important to keep this in mind as you consider protecting your home this fall.

While raccoons can get into your home any time of year, at the end of fall cooler temperatures give them even more reason, especially mother raccoons that are about to have babies. If they choose your home, they can create many problems for you, not the least of which is present a danger for you and everyone living in your home.

There are many ways a raccoon can get into your Springfield home but some are more common than others.

  • The most common entry point is the soffit of a home. Soffits are usually made of flimsy plastic or aluminum. If a raccoon can get into the right position to break a soffit and climb up inside, they will. Homes that have a roof-soffit intersection are more susceptible to this type of raccoon entry.
  • If your home has vents on top that help with air circulation in your attic spaces, raccoons may destroy the flimsy covers that protect those vents and crawl right in.
  • If your home has an exhaust for sewer gases, it is important to understand that the hole around these pipes is usually much larger than the pipe, and that rubber is often put around the pipe to seal things up. Raccoons can destroy this rubber gasket and gain entrance to your home through the gap.
  • The area of your roofline where it meets your gutters can deteriorate over time due to heavy rain. If the wood is softened, raccoons can chew and claw into your soffit trough and get into your attic this way.
  • If raccoons can find a way to scale your home or jump down onto your home from a tree branch, they will have access to the trouble spots listed so far. They will also have access to 2nd- and 3rd-story windows, which they can slide open or break.

If a raccoon gets into your Kansas City home, reach out to Rottler. These animals can attack when threatened and present a risk of rabies exposure. We have one of the best wildlife management teams in the state. We can help you resolve your current wildlife problem and help you prevent future activity as well. Give us a call today to learn more about our wildlife programs or to schedule an inspection. 

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