Just when you got the household pests under control in come the plant pests. Homeowners in St. Louis should be watching their plants both outside and inside their home for any signs of damages caused by common plant pests. Spider mites are just one of the many plant pests that can bring trouble to your St. Louis lawn and landscape. These microscopic pests are only about 1 millimeter in size, but they are capable of leaving your gardens and plants looking very unhealthy.

Spider mites are a common plant pest that feed on plants both outside and even on house plants. They pierce the leaf with their mouth and damage the tissues and cells of plants, which eventually leaves them dried out, discolored, and not an attractive part of your landscape. Because these guys are often unable to be seen by the human eye it is not easy to catch spider mites before the damage has already been done to your plants.

One of the reasons that spider mites can lead to serious infestations of plants on properties and inside of homes is because their natural predators, such as lady bugs and some types of flies are killed by insecticides. So in theory, by removing one pest you can be left with a whole different pest problem. Also, they form a web that will protect them and their eggs which keeps the population up. So, what’s a frantic homeowner with spider mites to do?

One method of prevention for spider mites is to make sure to water your plants with a hard blast of water. These tiny mites do not hold onto the plant surface very well so it could take just a blast of water to dislodge them. But don’t forget to get the underside of plant because only watering the top will not do anything to mites that are feeding on the bottom.

Rotter Pest & Lawn Solutions offers effective lawn care services that are designed to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. If you are noticing that your plants are looking damaged, discolored, or dried out, please contact us to inspect your plants for any signs of spider mites or other plant pests.

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