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holiday decorations infested with pests

The holiday season is underway and many families in St. Louis are heading to the attic, garage, or basement to find all of their holiday decorations. But did you know that in the process of unpacking some of your decorations you could find more than just the lights, garland and ornaments. Unfortunately for you and your decorations, pests such as spiders, mice and silverfish could have taken refuge in your boxes, leaving you to deal with a pest infestation, just in time for the busy holidays.

Some pests including house spiders and silverfish are not much more than a scare and a nuisance but other pests like mice and more dangerous spiders could leave you with damaged decorations and health concerns. Here are a few of the worries associated with pests infesting decorations:

  • If threatened, spiders can bite and some species have a venomous bite that requires medical attention. 

  • Mice and other rodents have a constant need to gnaw so they can easily damage your favorite holiday decorations, not to mention the fire hazard if they chew on lights. 

  • Droppings left behind by mice contaminate surfaces and can spread harmful bacteria and pathogens.

So, what is a homeowner to do in order to prevent pests in holiday decorations? Rottler has you covered! If you do spot any pests or their damages in your decorations, our team of pest control technicians can quickly and safely get rid of the pests in your home. And by maintaining yearly pest control services with Rottler, you can trust that critters will not be spending time trying to access your decorations over the year.

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