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Lady Bug Perched On A Leaf

You know fall has arrived in St. Louis and Missouri when you start noticing lady bugs and other insects and rodents making their way indoors to overwinter.  While most of these annoying pests are at home on the outside cooler conditions force them to seek shelter inside and may pose a problem for the structure of your home and the welfare of your family.

Common Fall Pest Problems In Missouri

Box Elder Bugs


Lady Bugs




At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we understand how unsightly and destructive insects and rodents can be for homes in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri and that is why we offer our Rottler Signature Protection.  Designed to eliminate current pest activity and prevent future pest problems this residential pest control and prevention program starts with an initial visit and regular service that generally includes;

Routine inspection and treatment of your home’s exterior

Removal of spider webs and eggs

Application of a perimeter barrier treatment around your home

Treatment of all possible pest entry points

Monitoring of rodent bait stations

Inspection of miscellaneous areas such as sheds and decks

Prevent fall pest problems by contacting Rottler today.  We’ll determine your home’s pest pressures and customize a program that addresses your needs as a homeowner and that helps you achieve and maintain a pest free environment, no matter what the season.  For homeowners concerned with termite activity, our termite solutions may be added to your program for a nominal up charge.  Whether you live in Columbia, St. Louis or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is the ideal choice in Missouri home pest control.  To find out more information about our residential services or to schedule your service, please contact us today!


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