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Mouse in Holiday Decorations

Whether you tear the decorations down after the last Christmas gift or wait until after New Years has passed to pack up the holidays, it is a good idea to know how to safely pack your decorations. And even more importantly, how to pack them up in a manner that will keep pests out.

The good news is that the St. Louis pest control pros at Rottler have seen it all when it comes to holiday pest problems. We understand how pests work and thus understand how to help Missouri homeowners avoid them. Here are some packing tips for holiday decorations to ensure that mice, spiders, silverfish and other insects and rodents in our region stay out while the decorations are in storage.

  • Discard edible holiday decorations like ornaments made from dough or popcorn and cranberry chains and use an ornament case for the ones that will go into storage. 

  • Wash all linens like cloth napkins and tablecloths to remove crumbs and other food debris.

  • All holiday decor should be stored in plastic storage bins with tight closing lids. Be sure to use ones that can stand up to the gnawing habits of rodents and that create a tight seal against other insects. Do not use old cardboard boxes!

Throughout the year you want to be sure that you are monitoring your storage spaces including attics, garages and basements. If you are noticing spider webs, mouse droppings, or other signs of pests then contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions right away. Our home pest control in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri is designed to eliminate and prevent insect and rodent problems common to our region.

Hopefully these tips will keep the pests away while your precious decorations are in storage until the next holiday season. But in the meantime, if you have any pest concerns in St. Louis, Columbia or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, just give us a yell!

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