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rat in basement

We're all familiar with what a rat is. They're large. They're mangy. And they get into St. Louis homes and businesses to find food. But, let's take a look at one rat in particular. And let's focus on one very specific thing we all need to know about them.

We have a few rats that can cause issues here in St. Louis, but one rat stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is the Norway rat. They are brown colored rodents with white undersides that range in size from 7 to 9 inches in length. And, like all rats, they have a round snout, a fat body, and a thick tail. When these rats come onto your property, they are likely to find a way inside.

Here are three reasons why Norway rats get in.

  • These are burrowing rats. When they come into a yard, they are able to easily find harborage under any object that sits on the ground. That means they're going to come and stay awhile. And, the longer they stay, the greater the chance they'll get in.

  • These are ground rodents. Norway rats prefer staying near the ground. This will have them crawling under a porch, deck, exterior stairwell, or some other structure attached to your home. When they do, they'll find harborage and have the opportunity to chew their way in.

  • These rodents can chew through strong materials, so chewing through some rotted wood is nothing for them. If you have any weak wood at the base of your home, these rodents will exploit it.

The Problem With Norway Rats

There are many issues rats can pose inside a home, but we want to focus on one problem in particular. These rats are a vehicle for fleas. When they get into a home, they can spread fleas to every corner while you are asleep. That will lead to numerous bites for all the occupants of the home. And any pets living inside your home are likely to get blamed for it. We encourage you to not blame Fluffy or Spike. Contact a pest control company and get those rodents out.

If you have a flea or rodent issue and you need assistance, reach out to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our team of industry-leading pest control professionals knows how to remove rodents--even large rodents like the Norway rat--and keep new rodents from getting in. Give us a call for fast, friendly rodent control. No home is better with fleas and rodents. Get relief today.

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