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Yellow Jacket in St. Louis

Already half way through July, it is likely that you have seen a few of the summer’s popular pests. Stinging insects are one of the more dreaded and yet always present pests that we have to look forward to in St. Louis. Yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps are a threat to yours and your family’s health and safety and therefore should be avoided if possible. The Saint Louis pest control and lawn care pros at Rottler would like to share some of the reasons to avoid stinging insects as well as ways to prevent them from nesting on your property.

Dangers of stinging insects include:

  • Painful stings that can swell up

  • Some species can sting multiple times

  • Stings can cause allergic reactions

  • Accidentally stepping or hitting a hive can invoke multiple stings

Prevent stinging insects from nesting on your property or in your home:

  • Avoid strong smelling foods when eating outside

  • Avoid bringing sugary drinks outside

  • Keep food and trash in sealed bags or containers

  • Seal off any cracks or holes that could allow stinging insects to get inside your home

  • Make sure screens are all in tact with no holes or tears

  • Keep the doors closed unless they have a screen as well

Following the above prevention tips will hopefully keep encounters with stinging insects to a minimum this summer.  Remember that since they do fly, even if your property seemed clear yesterday, today could be a different story. It is always best to inspect your property and be cautious of those stinging insects you do see.  And, if you discover nests or stinging pests nearby, do not attempt to handle the problem on your own.  Removing a bee's nest or a nest belonging to another type of stinging insect should only be completed by a pest control professional.  

For an inspection of your home and property and to remove stinging insect and their nests, please contact Rottler Pest & lawn Solutions. We service homes and business throughout Mid-Missouri including St. Louis, Columbia and Jefferson City.

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