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brown patches on lawn in st. louis

As the spring and summer months are upon us, many homeowners are busy getting their lawns in tip top shape for the warm weather season. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, fertilizing or keeping the lawn pests away, there is a huge focus on keeping a healthy looking lawn. But what many St. Louis homeowners fail to recognize are the dangers of lawn fungus and how easily it can leave a lawn looking far from healthy.

Lawn fungus can be an even worse problem than lawn pests because it is a much harder problem to control. Sometimes mother nature is enough to form fungus and spread across the entire lawn leaving discoloration and unsightly patches of grass. Too much rain in the spring or a year of heavy snow cover could be the start to fungus spreading. So what is a worried homeowner to do to make sure their lawn remains free of fungus? Follow these steps to help prevent lawn fungus from taking over:

  1. Less frequent watering of your lawn is best. Continuous moisture creates an environment in which lawn fungus can thrive.

  2. Instead of watering after you get home from work, try to water in the morning. Or if this is not a realistic time for you perhaps consider an irrigation system. Watering at night keeps the lawn moist for a longer period of time and again will contribute to lawn fungus forming and spreading. By watering the morning, the lawn has the entire day of sunlight to dry out.

  3. Do not over fertilize or overseed your lawn. This is a tough one for many homeowners who are excited to start with lawn care projects in the spring. But by overdoing it, you could be left with fungus taking over instead of healthy looking grass.

  4. Mow your lawn frequently at a higher setting to help prevent the growth and spread of lawn fungus. By clipping the grass you can remove any spores of fungus that are trying to spread.

Hopefully these lawn care tips will keep your lawn free of any lawn fungus this season. But if you do find yourself dealing with a lawn that has strange spots, different colors, or even mushrooms growing, call in the St. Louis and Mid Missouri lawn care pros. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions our experienced team of St. Louis lawn care professionals will be able to identify the source of your fungal problem and provide effective lawn care solutions so that you can get back to a healthy, lush lawn and landscape.

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