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Lush Lawn In St. Louis

If you have been keeping up with our blog(grab tag for lawn care link) then you may have come across a few posts signaling the start of lawn care season! After a long winter in Missouri, there is always a need for bringing the lawn back to life in the spring.


One thing that we caution our homeowners about is lawn fungus. This can appear as ugly, brown patches around the lawn. Many fungal diseases that strike lawns are more seasonal and do not have long-term effects but this is not always the case. To help avoid unsightly patches of grass and a less vibrant lawn as a result of lawn fungus, here are a few ways to prevent lawn fungus from striking your St. Louis property:


  • Have your soil tested to see if there are issues in your lawn that may welcome fungal problems. At Rottler we can conduct a professional soil analysis to determine nutrient deficiencies or conditions that could lead to a less vibrant lawn such.

  • Water grass early in the morning so that you have the entire day to let the lawn soak in the water and dry the grass blades. Watering late in the day can cause conditions to become overly moist and more prone to lawn fungus taking over.

  • Keep mowing equipment sharp and the grass blades at least 2 inches high to promote ideal lawn health. Dull blades on a mower can lead to fungal spores due to ragged cuts and shorter grass blades are going to be more prone to fungal diseases.

  • Don’t forget to aerate! Aeration is another way to ensure that your grass is getting maximum nutrients and will also help to prevent lawn fungal diseases. No time? No worries! We include it all in our year round lawn care program here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.


If you are looking for a trusted lawn care company in St. Louis or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, call Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for your free, no obligation lawn care analysis! We understand that lawn care requires a lot of upkeep that many homeowners simply do not have the time for. That is why our team of lawn care pros are ready to help you maintain that healthy lawn you have been dreaming of throughout the entire year.

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