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Prevent Insect Problems With Pest Control Insulation in St. Louis

Insects, rodents, and wildlife are notorious for taking over attics in St. Louis and across the country. Attics are an attractive place for pests searching for shelter. The attic provides a place that is not visited often by humans, but provides the warmth of a home that many pests are seeking. These rooms quickly become infested, contaminated, and destroyed by invading pests.

A great solution to keep your attic free of any insects is to install InCide® Attic Insulation. This specially designed attic insulation prevents ants, roaches, and other insects from invading where it is applied.  In addition to its pest control properties, this attic insulation:

  • Helps to lower the cost of heating and cooling your home

  • Is fire proof and mold resistant

  • An environmentally friendly option for St. Louis and Missouri homes

InCide® Attic Insulation works by killing termites and other insects on contact and if they ingest the insulation. So no more do you have to worry about any insects making their home in your attic.  This insulation does not address rodent or wildlife activity; however, it will take care of any pests that are introduced by mice, raccoons, and other critters.

As homeowners, it is important to remember that your attic is incredibly susceptible to pest infestation and should be protected in order to prevent costly damage.  To find out how our St. Louis pest control company can protect your attic with pest control insulation, or to find out more about wildlife management and rodent control in St. Louis, please contact Rottler today!

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