Have you been preparing your home for winter? Removing window screens, adding weather stripping around doors and windows and getting the down comforter on the bed are all ways that we prepare our homes for winter. Missouri spiders prepare for winter another way; by searching for a safe and warm place to spend the winter. If you aren’t careful, it could be inside your home. Before winter hits in Missouri, there are a few things you can do to prevent 8 legged house guests from taking over your home and property.

Spider prevention tips for spiders in Missouri include:

  • Eliminate entry points. You can do this by checking the exterior of your home to find places where spiders may be getting inside. The weather proofing you were planning on doing around doors and windows can be successful in preventing spiders and insects from entering. Using expanding foam or silicone caulk to close up other gaps in the exterior should also be useful in eliminating entry points.

  • Eliminate favorable environments within your home. Spiders are looking for dark, damp and undisturbed places within your home. If you clean regularly, eliminate areas of moisture and clean up clutter, fewer hiding places will remain for spiders and they will be less likely to become a problem inside your home.

  • Eliminate food sources. Spiders typically feed on other insects, so when there are no populations of insects inside your home, there is nothing for spiders to feed upon. You can limit the populations of insects you find inside your home by mending door and window screens, installing hardwire mesh screens behind vents and changing out white exterior lights for yellow lights that attract fewer insects.

  • Remove webs, spiders and egg sacs whenever you see them. If you are having problems with spiders already and you are finding them everywhere inside your home, the best way to remove them immediately is to vacuum them up. When you are done, remove the contents of the vacuum to a trash receptacle outside of your home to prevent re-infestation.

  • Prevent future spider infestations by enrolling in Rottler’s Signature Pest Prevention program for year round pest control. This program is a comprehensive plan that can eliminate all kinds of pests through thorough inspections, environment modifications and careful and controlled application of pest control materials.

For more information on spider control services provided by the professionals at Rottler, give us a call today. As the weather gets colder, we know you will be having trouble with pests like black spiders in Missouribrown spiders in Missouri as well as the other cool weather invaders we see this time of year. Contact us today to learn more about what Rottler can do for your home pest control program.

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