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Many folks consider spring the best time of the year. After a long season of bitter cold and digging out after snowstorms, spring is a welcome relief. The air turns warm and fresh. Flowers start poking up from the soil. Trees begin to blossom and bloom. Yes, spring is a wonderful time of the year. But there is one thing (or perhaps thousands of things) that can ruin your day in springtime. Yes, we are talking about pests. Humans aren't the only creatures who come out of hiding when the weather warms up.

Common Pests In Springtime

Each season has its own set of pest problems here in Ashland, and spring is no exception. A few of the pests you are likely to encounter as temperatures begin to rise include, lady beetles, silverfish, and earwigs. You may have noticed some of these insect pests appearing, as if out of nowhere, after a long winter of being absent. It is important to know that they are looking for food and water sources and that silverfish and earwigs, especially, are attracted to moisture. If your home provides these things, be aware that these pests will be happy to stick around and begin multiplying. Soon, a few spring pests can turn into hundreds, or even thousands, living within your walls.

Springtime Pest Prevention Tips


  • Remove clutter, leaf piles, mulch and other plant debris. Pests love hiding under such things.

  • Trim back vegetation from around your perimeter.

  • Keep things dry. Make sure spigots are not leaking. Repair or unclog leaky gutters. And dry up any areas of standing water.

  • Inspect your foundation and outside walls for gaps, cracks, or holes and seal them up.

  • Make certain that all of your screens and door sweeps are present and in good working order.


  • Declutter, especially storage areas and places such as the garage, attic, and crawl spaces.

  • Deep clean your kitchen. Make sure to get into tight spaces where pests can squeeze in and get a bite to eat, such as between the stove and counter.

  • Remove water sources. Locate and fix any leaks in pipes, sinks, tubs or toilets. And dry up moist or humid areas by using fans and/or dehumidifiers.

Year Round Pest Prevention

Pests don't only invade during springtime. Put your mind at rest with year-round pest control. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions offers pest plans that guarantee to eliminate all targeted pests. We are so confident that you will be satisfied, we offer the Rottler Promise. If pests return between visits, we will return and retreat at no additional charge until you are 100% satisfied. Reach out to us today for total satisfaction, so you can enjoy your spring unhindered by unwanted pests.

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