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Bed Bugs Are In Retail Stores

According to National Pest Management’s 2013 Bugs Without Borders survey, pest management professionals have determined that residences top the list for places where bed bug infestations can be found. At Rottler, we’d agree with that assessment but people might be surprised at some of the other locations where we’ve inspected and treated for bed bugs.  These bugs may primarily be in homes but they can be found anywhere that people spend a lot of time. With that in mind, here are some unusual places where bed bugs have been found that don’t include homes, apartments or condominiums. 

  1. Retail Stores. This has included large department stores, small clothing shops, furniture stores and even restaurants.

  2. Nursing Homes. There is a relatively high turnover rate at a nursing home, which means that many people are coming and going, which leaves a lot of opportunity for bed bugs to arrive. People sleep here as well, which gives bed bugs the opportunity for a blood meal.

  3. Modes of transportation. This has included trains, buses, taxis and even airplanes. Again, these vehicles all have a high turnover rate.

  4. College dormitories.  You may have heard that sickness spreads like wildfire in a college dormitory, but it’s also true that bed bugs spread quickly there as well.

  5. Office buildings. This has included government offices.  The people that work in these places or frequent them often may be bringing in bed bugs from their homes, unbeknownst to them.

  6. Hospitals. Again, hospitals have a high turnover rate and similarly to nursing homes, people sleep here as well, which makes for a haven for bed bugs looking to feed. 

Although not unusual, bed bugs are also often found in hotels and other commercial lodgings because many people frequent these locations and there is a very high turnover rate. Someone could unknowingly bring bed bugs in from their home and these little pests may drop off in their hotel room, ready and waiting for the next people who occupy the room. 

With all of this in mind, the St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler want to remind you to keep your eyes peeled for these little blood suckers (as well as signs of bed bugs!) while you are out and about. Nothing will stop the spread of these pests until everyone becomes aware of their presence both inside homes as well as throughout our towns and cities. People that stay aware of these pests are able to locate bed bug infestations far quicker than people that aren’t aware, which allows for an infestation to be treated and resolved quickly so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to spread far and wide. 

And as always, if you see a bed bug infestation anywhere inside your home or even while out in public, contact a pest control company immediately. If you have the bugs inside your home, you will need a bed bug inspection and a treatment plan to exterminate bed bugs quickly. If you see the pests while you are out and about, you’ll want to have a bed bug inspection to give you peace of mind that these pests have not traveled home with you. For more information on the St. Louis bed bug control options provided by Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions or for more bed bug prevention tips, give us a call today. We’d be happy to help you with any of your bed bug questions!



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