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A lady bug resting on a leaf

Last week marked the official start of fall and while the cooler weather hasn’t quite arrived, homeowners in St. Louis and throughout Missouri should really start thinking about lady bugs.  Or more specifically, how to keep lady bugs from entering their homes.  Although the lady bug, whose proper name is the multicolored Asian lady beetle is not considered a damaging pest, this insect is an occasional invader who can become a nuisance especially when it shows up with all of its friends.  

Lady bugs prefer to congregate on the warm southwest side of your property and will enter your dwelling through cracks and crevices.  They can be found on light-colored walls, along base-boards and may even hibernate, or enter a period of diapause, in areas not readily visible to the eye.  In order to prevent lady bugs from entering, you must exclude them out of your home.  Here are some pest-proofing tips that will help you prevent lady bugs and other overwintering insects and rodents from invading your home this fall:

  • Seal cracks and crevices in the foundation, around doors and windows, in spots where utilities or pipes enter the structure

  • Close gaps in siding

  • Screen soffits and vents to make sure there aren’t any openings that can be used by opportunistic pests

  • Repair or replace torn or damaged screens

Because they do have a penchant for infesting homes in large numbers, it is best to be proactive against lady bugs.  The alternative is to spend the winter with these pests, collecting on your window sills and around the corners of your home.  If you’ve already noticed lady bugs inside your house, vacuuming up the bugs will provide temporary relief.  If the problem continues, give us a yell.  At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we offer highly effective pest control for lady bugs and other household pests and occasional invaders in St. Louis, Columbia and throughout our coverage area.

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