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lawn care technician performing aeration service

Sure, you can look out across the mountains in New England and see all the fall colors and gasp in awe at the beauty. You may have even walked upon a city street and gazed upon a magnificent cathedral or some other amazing man-made structure and see beauty. But, for lawns, perfection is not as easily achieved without proper planning, hard work, and maintenance.

If only we could just run a mower over our lawn once a week and then walk out our back door and see lush, beautiful greenness? After all, the lawn down the street is always so green and full of perfectly plump blades of grass and no weeds. It’s just not fair! But, consider the fact that your neighbor’s lawn is likely so perfect because it is getting the proper nutrition, pest and weed control, water absorption, and airflow – it is probably even protected from drought and winter’s cold. Yes, it takes a lot of work, and a lot of knowledge, to have that perfect lawn, and proper aeration is a big part of that.

Aeration, when done properly, allows your lawn to achieve proper air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. It will enhance water uptake and absorption of fertilizer, reduce water runoff and puddling, and reduce soil compaction. Aeration also allows your grass to have stronger roots and helps those blades to be more resilient and increases cushioning. It will even help your lawn to stay healthy during times of drought or cold.

When you combine aeration with proper pest control, fertilizer, and weed control, your lawn can rival that oasis down the street and become the envy of the neighborhood. But who has the time, or the education, to properly aerate and control pests and weeds, anyway? Well, we do. Here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our lawn care specialists have the training and experience needed to tackle any lawn issue. They know how to properly aerate. They know which fertilizers to use and how to safely apply them. They know how to control weeds and winterize your lawn and overseed when necessary and we are also a pest control company! So those grubs, moles, and insects are not an issue for us. We know just how to tackle those little pests safely and effectively.

When the beauty of your lawn is important to you and you want the best care possible for your blades, give us a call. We have several options available for you to affordably and properly care for your lawn and the expertise to help you to know which option would fit best for you.

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