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When it starts to get warmer, what are you going to do? You're going to spend more time outside, right? Of course you are. But we all have different outdoor activities we enjoy. You might be the type of person who loves to go to the beach. Or maybe it is a hike in the mountains and a sip from a cold mountain stream that gets you excited about spring. You may like outside activities, like horseshoes, volleyball, golf, horseback riding, water skiing, or just laying out in the sun. Perhaps you love doing all of these things. But, our outside activities can sometimes bring ants and spiders into our homes.

We love a barbecue as much as you do, but anytime you do something that has to do with food, you have a chance of picking up ants. It is important to always keep your food sealed in containers when you eat outside. If ants get into a food basket, not only could they taint your food, they could ride their way into your home.

Cookouts in the backyard are also an attraction for ants. When ants come into your yard, it is only a matter of time before they start exploring your basement walls for entry points.

Cookouts and picnics often have cold drinks, and cold drinks require a cooler. Remember that spiders are drawn to moisture and liquid. If you have an open, empty cooler with a pool of liquid at the bottom, you may get a hitchhiker.

Always check empty coolers for spiders before you bring them back inside. And be sure to dry them out before storing them in an exterior shed or closet.

While hanging clothes out to dry may not be considered a fun spring and summer activity, it is definitely an activity that can bring spiders inside. These are creatures that love to cling onto and crawl into things. They may be clinging to an article of clothing hanging on your line, or they may crawl into a basket of clothing sitting outside, and hitch a ride into your home. It is always important to make sure you shake clothing before bringing it in. And it is never a good idea to leave clothes sitting outside in a basket.

The more you go out into your yard and come back inside, the more chances you have of picking bugs up and bringing them in with you. As the temperatures warm up, consider starting a year-round pest control plan for your home. You'll have fewer bugs in your yard, and less of a chance of bringing them inside. Plus, your home will have the protection it needs to keep pests out.

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