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trimming shrubs and bushes to prevent pests in st louis

We recently posted about indoor spring cleaning tips that will help to keep the pests away. But pest prevention is not just for the inside of your home. There are also ways to clean up around your property this spring that will help battle the bugs as the weather continues to heat up. Spring and summer are when pests are most active outside and you could quickly find that your outdoor cookouts are less than entertaining with the company of insect such as ants, mosquitoes and stinging insects. The St. Louis pest control pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions encourage you to follow these pest free outdoor spring cleaning tips to keep your Missouri property and home more enjoyable this spring.

Remove branches and tree limbs from property

Storms and the winter in general can result in fallen branches and tree limbs. If these happen to land on your property you should make sure to remove them as they can attract pests such as termites and carpenter ants. These pests are after moist wood which makes fallen pieces of a tree a perfect site to infest. The real problem is that if the wood is near your home, there will be no stopping the wood destroying insects from making their way inside to feast on your home’s structures and furniture.

Watch out for sitting water

Sitting, stagnant water is another major pest attractor. Moist soil attracts termites, and sitting water attracts mosquitoes, none of which you want to have on your property. Especially as the rainy, spring season hits Mid Missouri, if you are noticing water flowing onto your property and making your soil damp, or if you have developed an area of standing water, you will want to redirect this water to flow away from your property. If not, you may be inviting thousands of mosquitoes to join you at your next cookout or outdoor gathering.   

Trim back bushes and shrubs

Overgrown bushes and shrubs near the exterior of your home could be serving as a walkway from some critters to get inside. Many pests, including spiders, have made their home in the bushes, and if they happen to be close to your home, it is all too easy for them to find an entry way inside via windows, cracks, or loose vents. As you are cleaning your property and preparing for the spring and summer, make sure to keep the bushes and shrubs cut back away from your home.

Aside from the things that you can do in your spring cleaning, maintaining your routine pest control services is a great way to ensure that you are protected from the frustrations, damages, and health risks associated with many pests. For residents in St. Louis and other Mid Missouri, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn to learn more about their home pest protection services and how you can stay pest free this spring!

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