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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips Help Prevent Pests in St. Louis


The joys of spring can be quickly dampened by the onset of many pests in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri. Antstermitesmosquitoesfleas and ticks; these are all pests that may be trying to stir up trouble on your property or even inside of your home this spring as the temperatures start to rise. So while many homeowners are busy at work with outdoor projects such as gardening and getting rid of clutter on the inside of the home, now is the perfect time for a few spring cleaning tips to help prevent pest infestations this spring and throughout the year.

Repair or replace broken screens. If your window or door screens are looking a little weathered with tears or bent frames, now is the time to replace them. Even just a small tear in a window screen can be enough for pests like ants to get inside of your home.

Eliminate sources of standing water. Any sources of standing water on the property are going to become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. So make sure to change out the water in birdbaths, get rid of buckets or toys that are filling with rain water, and clean out gutters and ditches. You want any water on the property to be flowing rather than stagnant. This will help to control mosquitoes on your property this spring and summer.

Trim back tree branches and bushes. If there are any tree branches overhanging or shrubs that are touching the exterior of the home, this creates a bridge that insects can use to gain access to the home. To help eliminate easy access for pests, make sure that you trim back bushes and cut any branches that are overhanging and touching the roof or side of the home.

Clean up the yard. Rotten or decaying stumps, logs and other wood as well as leaves and other debris that often accumulates around the yard could attract termites and other wood destroying pests. Removing these items will help deter foraging pests.

Seal cracks on the exterior of the home. Another great way to prevent insects and critters from getting into your home is by sealing off any cracks, crevices and utility openings with caulking or screens. Even just a tiny hole the size of a dime is enough for a small mouse to squeeze through.

If you would like to learn more about St. Louis pest control including Rottler’s Signature Protection program to help control common pests throughout the entire year, please contact us today! We can help you get rid of pests that are inhabiting your home and property now, and help avoid future pest infestations as well. Our pest control service area includes St. LouisColumbia and surrounding Mid-Missouri communities. No matter what season or the pest at hand, make sure to contact our St. Louis exterminators!

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