Now that spring is here the weather is warming up and the ground is drying out many homeowners in St. Louis are getting their yards and outdoor space ready for use.  Spring cleaning your outdoor space not only gets your property ready for barbeques and other warm weather activities but can also help to deter and prevent pests from infesting your property and eventually making their way into your home.  The warmer weather is a signal to many pests to become active again and start feeding and breeding after months of inactivity.  Cleaning up your yard along with having a quality home pest control plan in place can ensure that your summer months are spent enjoying the weather not dealing with pest issues.

Spring cleaning your yard and property can help to spot pest issues that you may already have while also preventing new one from occurring.  Pests like mice, ants and termites as well as other insects, rodents and even wildlife can be especially active in the springtime.  Some outdoor pest prevention tips include:

  • Maintain the perimeter of your foundation- Check your foundation for any gaps and make sure to seal any that are present.  Replace old mulch and make sure that your mulch is raked away so that it is not touching your foundation.

  • Inspect your roof and chimney- Make sure that there are no loose shingles on your roof that can allow pests to slip into your attic.  Also check that your chimney cap is still in place and secure.

  • Trim back trees and bushes- Trees and bushes should be trimmed away from your home.  Rodents and insects can use their branches as a bridge to your home; along with using them as a nesting area.

  • Remove debris- Remove piles of leaves or other organic debris that has piled up over the winter.  Pests like to hide and live in those areas and in some cases feed off on them. 

  • Eliminate standing water – Now is the time to make sure that mosquitoes and other pests don’t have the opportunity to breed by making sure to eliminate or correct areas that allow water to accumulate.  Gutters, drainage ditches and downspouts should be examined for clogs and to make sure that water is running away from the home rather than towards it. 

Once you get outside and start to clean up your yard if you discover that you have pest problems and want assistance to eliminate them from a trusted St. Louis pest control company, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help.  Our home pest control in St. Louis was developed to resolve existing pest activity as well as maintain a pest free home all year round.  Rottler’s Signature Protection program includes an initial visit where one of our pest control specialists will complete a thorough inspection of your home, followed by an initial service visit where the perimeter of your structure will be treated along with the interior to get rid of ants and other pests that may be trying to gain entry.  After the initial visit and treatment one of our trained pest control professionals will return every other month focusing on the exterior of your home in order to find and prevent other pests before they get the chance to make it into your home.  A typical service visit consists of:

  • A thorough Inspection of the exterior of the house as well as treatment.

  • Application of a perimeter barrier treatment around your home.

  • Checking and refilling rodent bait stations (if applicable).

  • Treatment of all possible pest entry points (i.e. around windows and doors).

Should treatment inside the home be required during one of our visits, it will be completed at no additional charge.  And, because our St. Louis pest control pros understand just how destructive termites can be to homes in our region, we also offer termite control in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri that can be added to your home pest control program for an additional charge.

If you are in need of help from a St. Louis exterminator, the professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help.  We’ll provide you with fast and effective quality services that will ensure your pest problem is completely eliminated.  Contact us today to for more information about spring-cleaning and pest prevention tips or for more information on our pest control services in St. Louis, Columbia and throughout Mid-Missouri.

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