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mouse found in a st. louis home

When the weather begins to turn nippy, mice begin to look for a nice cozy place to spend the long winter months. And they are not picky. If they can get into a shack with a warm fireplace, they will go there. If they can get into the wall voids of the local greasy spoon restaurant, they will gladly move in. If they can get into the attic of a grand estate, they will quickly set up housekeeping. Mice don't care where they establish their nests, as long as it is warm and there is access to the things they need to survive.

What Do Mice Need To Survive?

If mice have moved into your home, chances are good that you are providing them with the things they need. And what do mice need? The same things every creature needs:

  • Food: Mice in the wild generally eat fruit, seeds, and grains, but once inside a structure, they will eat anything they can find. And if they can't find anything, they will even eat each other. If you have mice, chances are they are finding food inside your home. Doing a thorough cleaning of the inside of your home and removing all food sources, will help. Don't forget places such as under the toaster, between the stove and counter, and underneath teenager's beds.

  • Water: Mice need water to survive and they will get it anywhere they can. Leaky pipes, pet food dishes, sweaty toilets. They don't care. Removing water and moisture from your home may help deter mice from staying.

  • Shelter: The more cluttered your home, the happier mice will be to stick around. Decluttering your attic spaces and the rest of your home will give mice fewer places to hide and establish nests.

How To Keep Mice Out

  • Clean up your yard. As mentioned, mice like places to hide. Remove hiding places from your property: leaf piles, disregarded toys, unnecessary clutter. Mice will be less likely to travel across a barren yard then a cluttered yard.

  • Trim your grass. Short grass is more of a deterrent than long grass.

  • Remove areas of weeds. Mice use these places to hide as well.

  • Remove food and water sources from your yard. Some things to consider are pet dishes, bird feeders, and open trash cans.

  • Trim vegetation back from your foundation and walls. Mice and other pests use these as bridges to get to your home.

  • Seal up any gaps or cracks found on the outside of your home. It only takes a hole the size of a dime for a mouse to squeeze through.

  • Have a professional pest control company do all the work for you.

If you are having problems with mice in your home, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help. We have received a perfect five-star rating from 118 reviews. That is saying something about the services and results our company provides. Reach out to us today for help with prevention, or eradication, of mice in your home.

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