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Now is the time for barbeques, pool parties and relaxing outside. Everyone wants to be welcoming to friends and family. However, when it comes to visits from pests, you want to be sure to remove the welcome mat. It's time for those bugs to go!

The problem: Some bugs don't visit often, but when they do, they can be a real irritation. Ladybugs will cover your screens and pile up on your window sills. Cluster flies will lazily cruise around the inside and outside of your home, without any consideration whatsoever. And, clover mites, well, they're just off-putting. These bugs have no business inside your home.

Ineffective pest control: What do we do to stop bugs from coming inside? We swat them. We vacuum them up. We spray them with everything we can find. We chase them around the house. We search on the internet for every home remedy we can find. These can all be an exercise in futility.

Effective pest control: Houses have many entry points. From a bug's perspective, you're living in a big chunk of swiss cheese. It helps to plug those holes to keep pests out. Make sure screens are intact and fill any cracks or crevices as best you can. If you are still seeing pests inside your home, partner with a pest control company that has the knowledge, experience and tools to control insects (and rodents) and keep your home protected.

If you're tired of occasional invaders taking over your space, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to schedule a free inspection. We have the equipment and the experience to safely exclude pests from squeezing into your home. Try it. You'll find that living without bugs is a whole lot better than having them drop by unexpected.


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